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"Breeding DNA health tested AKC pure bred French Bulldogs for production of long haired puppies with exceptional quality and temperament"


Thanks for visiting our site here at "Shenandoah Valley Fluffy Frenchies". We are a private in home breeder with a few adults, we are NOT a puppy mill. We specialize in breeding pure bred AKC French Bulldogs to produce the rarest French bulldog in rare colors, the long haired Frenchie, also known as "Fluffy Frenchie". 


For over 15 years our primary focus has and will take every step to ensure the best health possible in our puppies. Our breed pairings are evaluated and genetic health tested and cleared for disorders prior to breeding. With the steps we take in our breeding program we are more than confident to offer a three year written health guarantee with every placement of our puppies. All of our puppies come from carefully planned and evaluated pairings to produce the healthiest puppies in rare colors and to have exceptional quality and temperament. 

We are your forever support, an open ear and open door at anytime. We can not stress enough the importance of research and doing your homework prior to selecting a breeder for your Fluffy. Not only are there scams, but the shortcuts of improper breeding occurs in the market. We are here for you and offer our assistance regardless if you are inquiring for a puppy or just wanting to gain self knowledge. 

"Be sure when you are paying for a Diamond, you get the real thing" 

When selecting a breeder for your puppy be sure that:

  • The breeder has an open door policy and allows visitation of puppies, parents and living environments

  • Can provide visual and written information of puppies parents for registration and vet history

  • Can provide copies of DNA health reports of both parents and or the puppy

  • Will provide records of medical history of the puppy

  • Provide DNA color panels to prove colors of the parents and the puppy, NOT just the parents 

  • The breeder is licensed and provides kennel registry info (AKC), if they are hesitant to provide this information, more than likely they are a backyard breeder taking all the shortcuts. AKC is the only true registration in the US that requires history to support the dog is pure bred

Any reputable breeder taking all the proper steps needed and required for the health, quality and temperament of this breed will be more than happy to prove themselves as a legitimate breeder. We are more than happy to assist in answering questions, educating, and providing information needed to assist you in any way we can. Whether you are inquiring as a future puppy owner, or a breeder looking to improve your knowledge, we are here for you!

Thank you for taking time to visit our webpage. We invite you to browse our site and reach out with any questions or inquiries you may have.


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Shenandoah Valley

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